Always turn your face to the sun, then the shade falls behind you.





Give me leaving,
To add things, which I cannot change,

the courage,

To change things, which I can change,

and the wisdom,

to different one from the other one




 If will not happen, what we want to ,

thus will happened, what will be better for us

Love is to the resolution to say YES to to the whole of humans,

the details may be, how they are.




1. We have only one body. Whether he pleases us or non it is the only one, which we guarantees ours

    whole life to be long kept.

2. We will learn much. The earth is a complete daily school. Each humans and each event, with that

    we to be confronted, teaches us something.

3. We often feel these lessons as “errors” or “failures”. But the only wirkiche error exists

    in not learning the lesson.

4. Each lesson so often repeats itself, until we learned it. It turns in the most diverse forms

    again - until we understood it. As long as we are in the world, there are new again and again

    To learn lessons.

5. Lessons, which we do not learn, as long as they are easy, become with the time ever more heavily. Also that

    Pain is a method of the universe to wake our attention.

6. Whether we learned a lesson, we recognize by the fact that we act now differently than so far. Only

    by acting one can transform knowledge into wisdom.

7. We will forget these rules again and again.

8. But we can it us at any time in the memory recall, whenever we want.


Off: “The golden rules of the friedvollen warrior” of Dan Millman




Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become your words.


Pay attention to your words, because they become actions.


Pay attention to your actions, because they become habits.


Pay attention to your habits, because they become your character.


Pay attention to your character, because it becomes your fate.





 Which is appropriate before us and which behind us, are little things

compared with that what in us lies.


And if we take that what we have inside of us,

 into the world, miracles will happen






When I began to love itself, I had understood that I always and
each opportunity, at the right time at the correct place is
and that everything that happens correctly actual from then on I could be calm.
Today I know: One calls that



When I began to love itself, I could recognize that emotional pain and suffering
only warnings for me are to live against my own truth.
Today I know: One calls that


When I began to love itself, I had stopped, me after another
Life and see could long that everything around me
a request for growing was. Today white I, calls one



When I began to love itself, I had stopped, me my free time
to rob, and I stopped sketching far magnificent projects for the future.
Today I make only what makes fun and joy for me, what I love and which my heart brings to the laughter,
in my own way and in my speed.
Today white I, calls one



When I began to love itself, I had freed myself from everything, which for me was not healthy,

 of meals, humans, things, situations and of everything, which down-pulled me again and again,

away of me. At first I called „a recovering egoism “,
but today know I, which is  


When I began to love itself, I had stopped, always quite have too
want, then I erred less. Today I recognized: one calls that


When I began to love itself, I had refused living further in the past
to ensure and me around my future. Now I live only in this instant,
where EVERYTHING takes place, then I live today each day and call it



As I to love began myself, there recognized I that my thinking can make me poor and ill.
When I requested however my heart forces, the understanding got an important partner.
I call this connection today


We continue to need not before arguments, conflicts and problems with us and
others are afraid, sometimes because even stars one on the other and it develop new worlds slam.
Today I know:










Meeting with humans is  a mystery that you awakes

Each still long way, begins with the first step








We would like to hold as much:

The happy hours, the unforgettable meetings, the fruit of our work.

And we must release:

In each evening the light of the daily, on each morning the peace of the night,
with each departure the familiar at home, with each disappointment a hope,
with each pain a piece unencumbered life.

We would like to realise as much:

Us and others the life make beautiful, for a better future provide,
fight against unfairness, in a cold world warmth spread.

And we push helplessly at borders.

Crises and disasters bring everything in disorder.
Familiar is irreparable there. We must take parting from humans always.
We must release.

Do not release is called:

Everything to run let find, everything good, resign and capitulate.

Release is called:

Do not cramp, with all tension again ease,
with all excitement again to the peace come, with all hecticness not into panic advisablely.

Release is called:

It way-gives, what has retired, and to accept, which is not to be changed.

Release is called:

Leave new to property to trust and to itself come.






Today is the day to be happy




No other day is given to you, than the day today,




in order to live, in order to be content and merry.




You live many days - however only “today”






On the way to yourself you must go in your own speed.

If you try to go in the speed of another one , you will never arrive by you.



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