Be yourself the change, which you wish for this world. 



Those understand very few, which understand only that, what to explain let themselves.




Nothing truthfully valuable arises from ambition or bare obligation feeling, but rather from love and loyalty to humans and things.




To have to be alone  is the heaviest, however to be allowed to be alone the most beautiful




It is not sufficient to educate humans to a specialist. Those one would make a well trained dog




Humans invented the atom bomb, but no mouse of the world would design a moustrap




If we are young, all thoughts hold on love. At the age all love hold on thoughts




The most beautiful, which we can experience, is the mysterious




There is nothing more beautiful than the mysterious. From it all true art and science rise.




Do not forget, if you point with the index finger to someone, then three fingers of your hand point to you.



Select an job, which you love, and you do not need a day in your life more to work.





If we work only for money and profit, we build ourselves a prison.




What knows a fish of the water, in which he swims its whole life long?


Fantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.





 Sometimes you have to rest, so that the soul can catch up you




If you want to have something, which you did not have ever,
YOU will have to do something, what you did not do ever.




Light and love, beautifully that there are you





There are two kinds of living its life:

either, as if nothing would be a miracle,

or, as if everything would be one.

I believe in the latter




really free is who found everything which he need in himself





To face love without surching is the only way to meet her





Friendship is the ground on that the love prospers.





Love does not consist of the fact that one looks at each other, but that one looks together in the same direction.





Everything understand is called everything forgive





Whatever you give away to earth

It will attend you in heaven





Sometimes not to get, what you want, is a big stroke of luck.





If you are a rose in the desert , I would hold you with my tears alive





Friends are like stars at the sky :  you always points that they are there, even if you do not see them all the time





We have only terribly little time. If we want at all, then we must act now



Love has a stronger oscillation
as all other thoughts




 Do, what you cannot leave, but leave, which you cannot do




The universe will after - cry for the earth no tear.




If on earth the love would prevailed, all laws would be dispensable




Intelligent people also learn from their enemies.




Equality is the soul of  friendship.




A flatterer is a friend, who was subject to you, or pretend, to be it




Speech art is the art to arouse faith.



Also thinking damage sometimes the health.




To find out the truth, you must contradict humans




I am committed to the truth, as I recognize her each day, and not the stability




If the slaughterhouses would have windows, then all humans would be vegetarians




Nobody can arrange anybody for you, without your agreement a feeling of the inferiority



If humans are intelligent, you see by his answers
But if humans are wise, you see by his questions



As happy many humans would be,

if they would worry just as little about the affairs of others

as around the own.




Give the today's day the chance, to becoe the most beautiful one of your life. Because nothing is as important as the today's day




It is more difficult to destroy a prejudice than an atom.





Only if the last tree is cleared, the last river is poisoned, the latter


Fish caught, you will state that money cannot be eat




We did not inherit earth from our parents we only borrow the earth of our childs




As long as humans do not think that animals feel, animals  have to feel that humans not thinking




Humans the are ONLY work, find no time for dreaming.
Only who dreams arrived wisdom.





Strengh of a thing or an action is in their meaning and in the understanding, which we have for it.






We must protect the forest



We must protect the forest for all those,



who cant speak for thereselves



the animals and trees.




Boundless demand is endless poverty.




How supple the language of humans must be, if they can let appear the correct as wrong and the wrong as correct.




If you felt each pain and all tears cried, if they are pleased drops for drops on your heart, then the wisdom comes.




If two falcons on a tree sit and
a swarm wild duck flies past,
then also a falcon does not say on the other hand:
“Exhibition, there flies the majority, that must the correct way be,
we follow! “
They will follow the way of the falcons further as falcons




There are no “good” or “bad”, only differences.
These must be respected, all the same whether it concerns the skin color, the way of life or an idea.






Be grateful to nature.
It is the origin of your strengh




Do what you are afraid of, and which is end of the fear certainly





Which lies behind us and which before us is appropriate, small affairs are compared to what lies in us






We live all under the same sky, but we have not all the same horizon






Only in the silence you hear each sound, and you will see that the

largest revealing lies in the silence









Wise humans used there heart like a mirror.



He follows no things and does not approach to them



He reflects it, but does not hold it






Never repent something, if you were happy for the moment it happening






Be youself, all the others are already assigned






The challenge is not it to become something but TO BE






If something belongs to you and you much reads it, then it releases, like a bird



… if it really belongs to you, then it will return again to you



everyone hears only, what he understand





If I must select between two evils, then I try out always gladly, which I did not try out before





It is not easy to find the luck in yourself but it is impossible to find it elsewhere




Not because it is heavy, we do not dare it, but because we do not dare it, it is heavy




Truth can work only if the receiver for it is ripe




The love is the experience of the other in the own soul





Who does not move, does not feel the chains.




Not thinking releases the world, but the love does.




Everyone should be respected as an individual personality and nobody should be deifies



The real beauty of a human is seein only by that, which loves him



Not the beauty decides who I love,
separate my love decides, who is beautiful



Love is the ability to notice something similar at dissimilar one



Power is always dearless.
Love never powerlessly.



The attempt to force the own view to others upon is stubborness.

Steadfastness consists of it,

that we impose upon ourselves willentlich somewhat with the result,

that we bring others to it,

to assume our view from their own free will.



Distances are without meaning, close to be are a thing of the heart



  Humans to find, who feel and feel with us, is probably the most beautiful luck on ground connection



Never stop dreaming, because in a dream the true values of the life often hide themselves.




If humans kill a tiger, we na sport.

If a tiger kills humans, that is cruelty.





Which is all made poetry  in a large city

against the beauty of a cornfield

Nach oben