The most beautiful poems

Poems, to thinking




The miracles of creation are so various
that beauty will never end.
The creation is here.
It exactly now is in you,
it always was
The world is a miracle.
The world  is magic.
The world is love.
And it is here, now.



The real feeling is like the river
who flows there in the sunshine
and later with the same
joyful marbles
crosses the darkness of the night





Search not for beauty

it is deceitful.

Search not for wealth

it is passing.

Search someone

who makes you smile

because it needs only a smile

in order to illuminate an apparently dark day.

Find those,

who take the smile to your heart




Love is freedom

I do not say
I love you
I want you
you are mine
I am yours

No, I love
as I would hold
a beautiful bird
in the open hand
I say to you
if it is your desire
to be you
if you want it








My heart, I wants to ask you, what is love? 


“Two souls and one thought, two hearts and an impact!”


And speak, from where, from where love comes?

“It comes and it is there!”


And when is love deepest?   


“If it is quietest!”


And when is love richest? 


“That is it, if it gives!”


And speak, how love talks? 

“It does not talk, it loves!”




 As God that saw that the way is too long

and the mountain too steeply

And that breathe too heavily  

he tooks you into the arm

and said:

Come home




You cannot have the rainbow,
if it does not rain somewhere.

Does not kill the trees,
the water of our rivers does not make cloudy.

Does not tear entrails of our earth up.
Otherwise the rivers and trees will cry….




Did you know that trees talk.
Those speak with another,
and they speak to you, if you listen.
But humans do not listen.
They found never it worth to the trouble,
to listen, and I am afraid,
that they also doesn't hear the other voices
of the nature
I get much experience from the trees:
Sometimes something over the weather,
sometimes over animals,
sometimes over the big spirit.




What is the life?
It lights up like a firefly at the night.
It passes like the breath of the buffalo in the winter.
It is like the short shade,
over the grass and
in the lose itself in the sunset




We Indians live in a world of the symbols
Indication, symbols, in that the spiritually and
the usual are outward the same
For us the symbols are a part of nature,
Part also of us.
We strive to understand,
not with the mind, but with the heart.


The life is a chance - use it.

The life is beauty - admire it.

The life is an obligation - fulfill it.

The life is a play, plays it.

The life is love, pleases you about it.

The life is a mystery, penetrates it.

The life is a fight, accepts it.

The life is a tragedy, struggles with it.

The life is an adventure, dares it.

The life is luck, earns it.

The life is the life, defends it






from without much waiving  


a river of the love goes out into the world

are the oases in our desert

they are stars in our night

Nach oben