My wisdoms for you



Life is an adventure. Take it easy!



 The best, largest and all-most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or touched

You must feel it - deep in your heart



Live your dream before it is too late.

Do not live for the future,

because you never know whether you will still experience here.

Do not live to be happy some day

Life isnow.

Live, in order to be happy exactly NOW



The whole rich of the earth is not worth anything, if ther is still one unhappy child



There are no “errors”, only experiences



Sometimes you have to do waive, in order you get so much more



Nothing is complicated, only we makes it complicated, everything is completely simple



Everyone sees that, what is meant for him, what he have to see. So everyone sees other things, as the others and there is never the same point of view. It's like the spiritually things, everyone has his one experience. SO it's for everyone who discovers with them, his own reality and the truth. For others not understandable - but that means not, that it's wrong



Only if you are happy, you can make others happy - and only what comes then, is the true luck



If you have doubts, do not do it, because if it is correct, you will have no doubts, you will know it



Jealousy does not have to do anything with love. 

Jealousy is based on expectations and fears of loss, therefore jealousy is probably rather the cause of in as of love.



To find the answer to a question - where you can search, in order - always are in YOU



Life is a game, with which you can only win.

Even if you give up. You learned from this game.

And you can make it better if you play again.

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