My poems




There are words, which affects you so infinitely deeply,


that they make you cry


There are questions, which injured you so deeply


That they force you to silence




There are humans, who love you so inexpressibly deeply,


That they would give their life for you




There are, moments, which bewitch you so unbelievably strongly

that you can't believe, because they seems so unreal



I would like to move something


Movement in the hearts of humans


I would like to affect


Those, which forgot, how to feel


I would like to help


Those, which need help and are to proud to accept them


I would like to love


Those, which do not know, how much they deserve it


I would like to laugh


Laugh with all those, which forgot it


I would like to release


All those, are imprisoned in their own bodies


I would like to chain


chain without limiting someone


I would like to divide


With all, which do not have anything and give so much


I would like to forgive


Those, which do not know, what they do


I would like to live


Live in my truth and not in the other ones


I would like to see


See by my eyes and not by yours


I would like to feel


Feel, how my heart scream with each individual impact “YES”

And I want to feel safe in each regard without to doubt whether is this “YES” a “No”


A song for you




I write a song for you


Because you are so important to me


And you make me constantly laugh everytime


And for the moment you take away all my concerns worries




 I sing this song for you


Because you bring the joy to my life


And you make me cry with your beautiful words


And my heart is touched so deeply


As you feel my feelings




I play this song for you


Because you are the music in my heart


And you love me and forgive me everything


And you are the second half I missed so long


Because this part of you is my big hope




I take up this song also for you


So that it helps humans, who get lost


You are always by my side


Although you do not see me always




Never forget this moment


Never forget, how someone loves you so deep


And wrote this song for this love


Because your happines is my melody







give me money I don't want it


You can put it into my hands I don't take it


Look at me, it don't interest me


Think what you wan't, it doesn't matter


Because money is not anything beautiful



Give me a smile, and bewitch me


Gives me only one instant


Put true words into my heart


Because only that is valuable for me






I love you




.. Wherever you come ..


.. Wherever you will go..


.. Wherever you are, who are you..



.. Whoever you were.. it doesn*t matter..



.. Whoever you will be, be what you want to be..



.. Whatever you did..



.. Whatever you do.. just do it..




because I love you



. it doesn't matter who you are.



. it doesn't matter as you are.



. I love you.



. .because you simply ARE..




I love you


.. Wherever we go..



.. Where our ways go apart..



. Wherever they go again together..




because I love you



.. love you like you are..



.. I am not afraid of conditions.




because I love you



.. I do not know why i love you so much..



.. but everytime i see you I automatically have to smile..



. .that is everything  I know..




I love you


..because you are..







The most beautiful time




The most beautiful time was here with you


under the starlight over me


Everything was forgotten only the moment was important


and the moment was never given away


Nothing was impossible, everything endlessly


no worries, everything was so much understandably


Clouds singularly beautifully and multicolored


Not only once they did talk to us

Love was there in the air 


and this taste was also so beautiful



Stars showed us the way


that humans go at those days


Not our way,


and also never which moves us


It don*t matter here


Everything was forgotten for this moment


here in the moon light here in the rain


No different and only we


and a straw ball and an animal very weird



Thousand dreams experiences deep


Only the sky knows how we feel

So much love so much pain 


Sometimes too much for the rain


The most beautiful time was here with you 


Under the starlight over me


The love sang its songs to us


and we lived finally again


The night was warmly and never passed


we could catch the stars here


Together so infinitely far


We went through this time



The ways today are so empty nevertheless in such a way trust


But comfortable with difficulty in such a way at all


And this time brings the taste of love back into my memories


And it remembers me in that time with you by my side


I see the moon, see your face in it


and hear as you speak to me:


Like at that time so still and here in the light of the moon



I am still with you



At home




I see up into the sky and remember how beautiful it was


As I was still at home with all that I love


I feel here still as strange as on the first day


And ask myself if this earth probably will ever be a home for me




still I know, when I came here ago all the new scared me in such a way


I remember still I wantet to find something my whole life long


And asked myself, where can be my home


And I thought, I  would find it - sometime




It's so hard to see, how difficult this life is


Everyone lives for time and relationships are constructed by a deadline


Still I remember, how I was only there and watched the first time


A small child, who did not know, what happened here in its mind




I go so many ways over so many stones


Often feel like a bird - at a line


It makes no sense with that, nevertheless not further


I asked myself, why I came here


and above all where I only landed here


There came the day I found at home


in the love I was at home


And my home it lives in me


And it always liked me to see




I look up and see the stars


And I know that my home also lies here in the distance


And this life here on earth


probably is a life, which I will understand with difficulty


But I am here to learn about it










Oh childs look at you


You still know what love is


You see the world with your child eyes


You see so much more, it is hardly to believe




It no matters to you, what the others said


You do, what you want to do and leave everywhere the grace to reign


You still see the angels and all the miracles


And you are always happy and don't know any grief




You can bewitch with your beautiful eyes


And you can always believe in the good side from the others


You leave your feelings free run


You don't feel ashamend, you cry and laugh without thinking




You speak with some invisible natures


And often ask yourselfes why the adults cannot read your minds


You need only a smile and everything becomes to heal


And you want to divide your child world with everyone




You still see, what is important in this life


For you there is no time because you still can take them


You feel each sadness and tendency of humans


And if you quarrel, it is forgotten so soon


Because you still know that life is not therefore


And its just wasting energy




You can still permit the proximity


Always want to do the best from everything


And don't want to miss any moment of your lifes






I would like to be with you



I would like to go with you



into a world somewhere



Somewhere where we can be free



Somewhere where we can be ourselves




I would like to be with you



Divide Everything with you



I would like to go with you



because I you love



And because I know



our love can move mountains




I would like laugh with you



And I would like to see into your eyes



And I know that they would say to me



It is well like that it is




I would like to dance with you



Dance on a lonely mountain



Dance with the wind



While the rain soggy our dresses



Dance, so long that we fall on ground and laughing




I would like to fly with you



Into a world somewhere far away from here



Into a world where nobody knows who we are



Somewhere on a place with no worries



Somewhere where love .. is still love




I would like to be with you



I would like to go with you



Into a world somewhere



Somewhere, over the rainbow




I would like to go with you



Because I love you



And your smile makes me forgotten



I would like to go with you



because I you love



and because I know



That our love can move mountains







Where are you



unbearable, although it doesn's matter


Say to me if you hear my cry


Where are you


Say to me if you feel my tears


Who knows how to love if no one tells him


It's so hard to find you


Who doesn't want somebody to hold


Say to me why  I am alone


If there are soulmates for the whole world


Say to me why  I am alone


If you are already here with me


Say to me if you hear my heart beating


Where are you


Say to me why you are not still here with me


Say to me where are you if you hear my call


Where are you


If you belong to me






A dream on Thursday


A dark room I enter quietly


in a careful way


Only one candle burn at the table,


I do not see anything other


There is no one except of me


everything quietly and calmly and some feel so near


Heat does fill this dream now


Here is the love in this room




An empty room - something is here


and the time is here forgotten


That room feels so lonley


no moving, only the flame is still burning

A chair at the table otherwise there was nothing, 

I still here and see in the light

The flame becomes already smaller, 

but the room however becomes warmer




So I sit down here and starring in the light


so all alone in this dark nothing


I close the eyes


and enjoy this silence


Then I suddenly feel this heat


And I feel a touch at my hand


And lightning drives through my whole body




Then I open the eyes and see a shadow on the wall


And I saw another beautiful hand on my hand at all


My mind suspended,


which I feel here is in such a familiar way


Suddenly I feel a sting in my heart


and it reminds me of all the earlier pain




I rose from the chair and stopped


And only saw this hand before


But know I now who it belongs


and why I feel completely suddenly all that here


For a long time I still stand there,


until this hand touch my shoulder


I know if I turn around what i have to see




So it is so hard to turn around


But there is nothing I want more


As turn around now and see in the easy darkness


into those eyes..


I know I will lose myself now

because only we two exist 

So I take your warm hand in mine


and turn around




I am afraid to look at you


because I know, it will pass


Your hand feels warmly


and trembling it raises my chin 


Then I see into those eyes,


They devours me and rob me so much


I feel like my legs giving way


and feel into my heart an earthquake




Your eyes bring me to strange places,

indescribably, I do not find words 

Your view is low and projecting


So eternally beautifully, so stamping 


I wish that never pass away


Two hearts strike here in the same beat


Two hearts beats here in one,


Two lonely hearts unite here



There a sting drives through my heart, 

in your eyes I see a pain


I see a sadness,


and feel your isolation


I feel like my body feel


and how he react that


It does in such a pain way, I feel like you

and a tear flows in a flash  



You see me cry

and ask me, please do not cry 

I did not want to destroy the moment


and start to caught against this feelings


Now I see in your eyes


and your weakness..  is because of me


Your hands get so cold and your eyes quietly cry


And you had this one look


in these one way.




Your lips begin to tremble,

your heart actually catches to lattices 

Our tears become worse

and it becomes ever darker in the room 

You take my face into both hands

also the walls already disappear 

Now we stand here and regard


and we both are caught in this ban




Now I hear words from your mouth


and they still pull me into the ground


I hear you, see like your trembling lips slowly move


But hear nevertheless nothing


nearly like that quiet whispering during a ice-cold rain


But does not have to hear around to know


in you is something broken I am so sure




Still I see in your eyes

and which I seh in your depth 
Reminds me of all the letters…. 
and in your eyes only there stands a question: 

Why you left me here alone




It becomes completely dark in the room


Say where are you?  I can't see you!


Do not let me here alone please


It is so cold here without you




And the flame those evenly still so beautifully and cordially burned


Expires in the grey smoke


and I frighten myself and awake from this dream


In my body some still vibrates in such a way


and it is so cold and I feel nevertheless all this


Tears run through my eyes


and I know I do not have to mention that now:




I know it was not only a dream


I actually sat in this room


I know I am now already so far,


you were with me the whole time


It was not a dream, it was much more

No dream, everything else, so true

Tonight you where really here


I know




I will never forget it


this Thursday


as your hand


lay on mine



One of my strongest dreams

many years ago

lost in a house with fire everywhere
I feel left
The flames are like the arts
I'm sitting in a corner I can not do anything,
I can not go and what I feel lost
It's so hot, I can*t breathe anymore
The fire around me
gets closer and closer
I tremble and frightened

I know it is the end
The fire is burning in my eyes, I wanne close them now
But then I see something in the flames, a shadow in the fire
he approaches slowly, passes through the flames
I can not believe it, I must imagine that all
I have no strength to think about this
and not breathing
and close my eyes
I feel that a person stands in front of me
already very close with his face
and says something very trustfully
and stretching his hand over my

I open my eyes and I see those other eyes
so close to my face and I feel tears in mine
and feelings so deeply
what is that in me
I can not believe it
I can not see anything
I see only those eyes in the darkness
and those eyes give me much
and I really want to take this hand now
and the moment I touch it
awakens me
with tears in my eyes
and my hand trembles
I'm excited
and my heart beats so violently
all day




Let your fears go


Let me wipe away your tears


Let me be the whisper in your ears


Let me be the voice who says to you


that you never will be alone



Let me be your angel that protected you


Let me be the light, which gives you hope


Let me light your way in the darkest night


Let it be forgotten, everything which happend


No matter whatever happened with us


My soul is always there for yours


I love you




Hope is our surviving


this part is caught in us


A part who lead us

Wherever it lead us



No matter where you go


I will find you


and if it takes a long, long time



No matter where you go



I will find you



And if it takes thousand years along


Faith is our hope

A part in us remains


Wherever it lead us



No matter where you go


I will find you

At the place without bounds


No matter where you go



I will find you



And if it takes a long, long time




 Love is our strengh


Strengh drive us 

A part in us that remains


Wherever it leads us



No matter where you go


I will love you


No matter where you go


I will find you




and if it takes thousand years along



No matter where you go



I will find you



.. I will find you..




Would not like to lock me of  truth


Would not like to stay where it don't feel at home


Would like fall in love with my dreams



Oh please God let me go


Solve my chains


Would like to be free


Would like to forgive


Me and everyone who does not know better



Take me into your arms


and show me like it can be


In this world where love is all


Where you do not have to explain because you are, how you are


Take me into your arms


And show me that it is correct


In this world where love is still valuable



Don't want to ask how it is like it is


Don't want to have to explain the love

Don't want to justify because I am as I am


I would like fall in love with my dreams



Oh please God take me by the hand


And lead me there where I belong


Oh please God show me like it is


In this world where love is all




I will not surrender


like every different one


To surrender is out of question


Because if I surrender


I will laugh at myself


As soon as I stand over me



Only a lonely heart


Like every different one


with another pain


Only another human


like every different one


I will fight for my life


I will not pretend


to be only a friend


like every different one


I will not use love as word


Like every different one


I will not suppress my feelings


Like every different one


 And I will never be


Like every different one


And if I go


I am left something


like every different one


From time to time you will think of me


and you will remind


To a human



not like every different one




You took my hand
My heart affected
You hold me
You where always there
By my side
Night and day
Through all the times
Whatever may come



Carry away from a wave of emotion
We are arrest in the middle of the storm
And every time you smile I can hardly believe,
What it causes to me


And every time you look at me I have to admint


As deep this love is


It is unbreakable I know


This love
It is unmistakable
And everytime I look into your eyes I know why
I know I why
It is untouchable



This love ..
A feeling, my heart cannot deny
Each time,  I see through your eyes
Know I why
This love is unbreakable



We divided the laugh
We divide the tears
We both know
We will continue
Because we are strong
Into my arms, there you belong



I was touched by the hands of an angel
I was blessed with the strengh of love
And every time you smile
I can hardly believe


which it causes to me


It is unbreakable


This love




The first time as I saw your face


I felt like the world stopped turning


And my breath flow throug your heart


As a Tornado embrace it


And my view losts the clarity


I felt something, which I had never felt before



The first time as I saw into your eyes


I felt infinite strengh


And it release a deep in me


And let my soul freeze


And I felt the sun in my heart


and this familiar love in your eyes


and the light around our bodies



The first time as I ever touched your hand


A  trembling seized my whole body


And I thought an earthquake takes away the ground under our feets


And an unbelievably beautiful, painful sting drove through my heart


And in my eyes were tears….


Because I was afraid


to wake up from this dream..



The first time as you took my face into your hands


I did not know, how I should create it


To withstand your urgent view


How should I bear this deep view


And in your nearness not melt like the ice in the sun


These eyes. this view.


It gaves me so much hope




The first time, I kissed your mouth


I lost any reality


And I did not know anymore, who I was


But it was not of importance


I felt like the earth take us to an other place


And like the angels protecting wings around us


And  they carried us highly up into the eternity


And I felt an ease like I had ever felt bevore


And the warmth let my body flowed through

It is not to be compared with the close sun


Only with the fire that you kindled in my heart


The first time, as I ever your face saw.


I know we both are the same


The same soul with only two hearts




Can't you see that I am free
Like a bird in the sky.
I look at you from the distance
Can't you see that I am in love


Fallen in love with the freedom


Can you release me please


Don't say you not see that I do not belong to anybody


It is only one jump into the freedom


I will go you cannot hold me


Oh, puts me in chains I will break them


I'll promise you


Because I am free and stay nowhere


Because my home is the endles sky


And I will go where my heart want to


Don't you hear my heart how it cry


if you bind me


Oh I will burn the chains


And I will run


Far wings break trough my heart


So please, let me go. release me


Release me and be pleased for me


But it doesn't matter I still go


I am  free because I am in love


fallen in love with the freedom


From above I will look at you


And when you need me then call me


And if you look for me with whole heart


Then I could be found from you





The kind as you moves
It awakes my curiosity
The kind like you look at me


Does not let sleep me sleep any longer



I know, you know, what you release in me
I know, your heart will be never free


I know, you knew it from the first day
I know, somehow you have warned me of yourself
But that was all the same to me



The kind as you moves
Is fascinating
The kind as you are
Is hypnotisierend


The kind like you look at me


Does not let me sleep any longer




a view of the silence breaks a look


that says what I think


a view .. a view can take a day


a view can stay forever


a view can drift  tears in our eyes



All I think I will tell you with a view


and that what you can not say, says the sky


And your eyes


with one view


II can feel something big, bigger than this town


in this one look ..


a view that tell you what i feel


a view that break the silence


and that eyes..


you'll never forget



This silence is not even worth a word


Everything will go his own way


Your eyes tell me everything, more than any words


your view bring my heart to foreign places


a story as big as the world is a history


as long as the day


a story as far as the sea




as the view with which you tell me the truth



All I know, I'll tell you with just a glance


everything that you feel you share with me


With just one look

And everything you can not say,  explain the sea. .

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