The seven world miracles



These notes a writing down, which one the seven world miracles would be.


The following rank list comes off:


1. Pyramids of Gize

2. Taj Mahal

3. Grand Canyon

4. Panama Canal

5. Empire State Building

6. Pc. Peter's cathedral in the Vatikan

7. Large wall China


The teacher notices with to collect the results that a pupil still to work was.
Therefore she asks the girl seems to have problems with her list.

She answers: “. I can make my decision not completely.
There are so many miracles. “

The teacher says:
“Now, communicate us, which you perhaps have and we will help you.”

The girl read what she wrote down:



“For me that is the seven world miracles:

1. to see

2. to hear

3. to touch each other

4. to smell.

5. to feel.

6. to laugh…

7.… and to love "



YOU can live your life in such a way, as if nothing would be a miracle… or like that, as if everyone would be 

I believe in the latter




You may take yourself the time,
to celebrate the quiet miracles,
in the loud world
the have a few fans

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