..Not thinking releases the world, but the love does..




The most beautiful heart

A young man stands on a place in the city and explains that he has the most beautiful heart of the whole city.
Many humans meet around him and everything admire his heart, because it was perfect. It does not hatt a mark and no errors. All met humans give it quite. It was really the most beautiful heart, which they had ever seen.

The young man is very proud and boasts loud with its beautiful heart. Suddenly an old man emerges and says: „Your heart is not times approximately as beautiful as mine. “

The met quantity and the young man look on the heart of the old man. This strikes strongly, but it is full scars. It has places, where pieces had been removed and replaced by others. But they did not fit correctly, and there were some frayed corners. In some places were deep furrows, and even whole parts were missing.

The people stare it on: „As you can state, your heart is more beautiful? “The young man looks on the heart of the old man, sees its condition and begins to laugh loud.

„You must joke “, say he.
To compare „your heart with mine. My heart is perfect and yours is in
In disorder from scars and tears. “

„“, The old man says, „yours looks perfectly, but I would never exchange with you. “

Humans listen strained, when the old person further-speaks: „Each scar stands for humans, who I mean love gave. I take a piece out of my heart and hand it mean fellow men and often give her to me then a piece of their heart, which fits into the empty place of my heart. But because the pieces are not exactly alike, has I unite edges, which I estimate much, because they remind me of the love, which we divided.

Sometimes I gave also a piece of my heart, without the other one returned a piece of its heart to me. Those are the empty furrows.

Love give are called also a risk to be received sometimes. Even if these furrows are painful, they remain reminding openly and also them me of the love, which I feel for these humans. I hope that they return a daily and fill out the place. Do you recognize the true beauty now? “

The young man stands and for tears gutters quietly there over his cheeks. It reaches for its perfect young and beautiful heart and takes a piece out and offers it to the old man with trembling hands.

The old man accepts the offer and sets it into its heart. Then it takes a piece of its old vernarbten heart and fills with it the wound in the heart of the young man. It did not fit perfectly, since it had some frayed edges.

The young man sees heart being on, no longer perfectly, but more beautifully than ever before, because he feels the love of the old man into its heart to flow. They embrace themselves leave cordially and side by side them - and leave the being silent quantity concerned.


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