Take time to laugh - it is the music of the soul




  A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light





A smile ..


  A smile costs nothing, yet brings so much.


It enriches the recipient and the giver.



It is perhaps only briefly, but the memory of it often immortal ...


 No one is so rich to be able to give it up ...



... And no one is too poor that he could not afford it ...


It brings luck and is a sign of friendship ...



It only gets its value when it is given away ..


...SoIf the other one not smile once more have available ..


  I'll leave him one of mine ...

because no one so badly needs a smile as he who has none left over ...



A day without SMILE is a lost day

also a day where you've don't smiled at anyone


A smile can touch hearts,

it can give so much hope

  Therefore, I try to man as often as possible to give a smile.

Aber wenn nicht, macht es auch nichts, But if not, it does not matter,

I know I can do even with a smile, something good



A smile can even save lives.



 Let me tell a little story about that :



A woman stands at the counter at the airport. She is sad. She sees no sence in her life. She has set herself firmly after she  is back home, she will still write a letter and then she'll end her life. She cannot anymore .. she do not want more .. She is at the end. Only want to die.


But as she turns around, she sees a woman, and when she looks at her face, the woman began to smile.  She smiles at her ..  That smile filled her heart so much.. .that it gives her hope.. it makes her happy .. she smiles back .. And she thinks there are still "good" people .a stranger person gives her a smile .she do not even know her ..

  She turns back around .. in her face is still a slight smile she decide when she is back she is come to grip her life, finally getting to the series ..  she wants to laugh as she has never laughed before .. and she wants to live .. she will finally begin to LIVE !




A smile is the shortest connection between two people




A little smile - a friendly look,
we give it away - it comes back.
Offer we are doing - wherever we are,
it spreads - like a fire in the wind.

  A smile, the language that everyone understands
which goes beyond all limits.
  A smile, the language that everyone likes,
captured all the eyes and radiates into the world.
  A smile that refreshes the heart;
it costs no money and beautifies the face.



A smile can open new worlds



A story of mine:


I'm sitting in a cafe in front of me sat an old woman.  She turns around and looks at me.  I do not know her .


I smile at her and greet her. Her face spreads a ray that I am deeply happy. She asks if I know them, because I smile at them.


I say no. "She did not understand then why I was so" friendly ".  I tell her, I smile at people and be happy because you've seen me so I thought you would love safe.  She was very excited, but her face has not lost the rays.  She sits down to me and saying how much she is "admired" me, says I'm something very "special", she wants it, that there would be more such people.. I tell her there are. Try it.  Maybe someone needs to do sometimes only the beginning, The beginning, it is often not so simple. We talked a little bit, and before I left she said, still, how beautiful, is cause she always thought the youth of today would be so spoiled, but now she have a completely different picture of them ..  .. and that.. because  ..  o n e  s m i l e  ..




A smile can bring so much

  It can change the world ..


Just a smile can change many things in life.




  One should not underestimate the small gestures in the interaction between humans.

Sometimes you do not know what causes it.




This smile is for you,


It will give you joy,


will act like a little light in all your ways.
This smile is for you,


  It will warm your heart and show you:


and then I'll persevere.
This smile is for you, it will show you

no matter what there will always be waiting for you
  if you leave it clean in your heart so it will be with you!

. .


The best thing  a person can leave: That those who think of him has a smile on his face



When I went the streets in the morning
I see so many people
I look at their faces
What one can read from them
Some are happy and cheerful
Sad one move on easily
Suddenly a young girl laugh at me
I can not resist her charm. And even though I'm full of speed
this loving view is not out of my mind
And so the day is coming together in harmony
happy faces you will never forget



La Laughter - Medicine for body and soul




A smile can say so much


  free to laugh if you bother fears.


A laugh can come from the heart,


a laughter is taken always true.



  A smile gives comfort so many times,


Your laughter stopped torture


  A smile can make you happy,


a smile can ignite a fire.


A laugh can always give away,



a smile of pride to think seduced.


A laugh solves your hard features,


Laughter does not come out of the lie.


A laugh, it is sincere,


a laugh, my heart is crying for joy.



A laugh combines so many hearts,



Laughter overcomes strife and pain.


The laughter should never forget,

a laugh ... is reaching for the stars ...


  Laugh and the world laughs with you!

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