Without children the world would be a desert.


Give the command to the children
they do not compute
which they do
The world belongs into child hands
An end with the sense of cloudy
we are laughed in reason and ground
Children to power

(Herbert Grönemeyer - children to power)


How good that you are here, cause without you so many doesn't laugh so much and dont think about some Questions so deeply

Without you many days would by - rush  and nobody would swap a day without sun against your attendance

Without you so many would be different, because without you so many had not given half so much in the life times


 Listens, what the children have to say. In their words you find wisdom and truth 




It is not important, which you learn outside from you.



Which you learn from the inside out, says you the truth

Katie, crystal child, 6 years





In order to be able to live this life, one needs the soul and the heart,

one needs God and the love.

If you do not have that,



you die each day a little.

Marcos 4 years






I hope that humans will open their hearts now
That is, which I wish myself so much, what I so much need
If everyone would regard completely exactly the others
completely deeply
then we would know, we are the same
we could fall in love with everyone
I could fall in love with myself
If I mean love the other one give
I love everyone so much
Because it is that, as I find to me
it is not heavy
We let it appear difficult, because we have fear
But we do not have to be fearful any longer
Love is here. Now here.

Doug 10 years 


What would you want to say the adults of this world?
I would tell
them am as strong as they are and as more they love each other, this strengh would be more an more 




Ghosts can go through the walls,

but they cannot touch you

They do not have a body, but they have understanding.

They have energy, but they do not have subject.

If one dies, one leaves its dresses, that is the body,


sometimes but the underwear remains lying,

those floats then in the proximity of the earth and cannot not upward.
Marco 8 years




I want to say that humans, who are ghots later died very reluctantly, they did not want  to die.  Therefore they float not to the sun, but remain in the proximity of the earth. The ghosts forgot that we all come from God and return to death again to God.

Flavio 5 years




Love is the only one which remains, if nothing else remains



Max 6 years




 Everything is beautiful

which connects skies and earth

the rainbow, the meteor

that rope, the snowflakes

but the most beautiful

is the smile of a child



If we recognize soon that us the children




our world attitude


our unbalancednesses


our wrong conceptions


our relations difficulties etc. reflect,



then there is only one solution


We should release the children



They are already perfect



Children must have much patience with the adults



Children are like flowers.

You must bend yourself to them down,

if you want to recognize them


Children are mysteries, which are given up to their parents


Which concerns children,  concerns humans



Three things remained for us from the Paradies:
Stars, flowers and children.


Children are guests, who ask for the way.

Children are the wings of humans.

Jewel of the sky is the sun,
the jewel of the house is the child.


Playing children are alive joys become


Therefore I love the children,

because the see the world and themselves

still in the beautiful charm mirror of their fantasy

Children are not only friendly rays of light of the sky,
but also serious questions from the eternity.


The work does not run away, during you show the child
the rainbow, but the rainbow does not wait,
until you are finished with your work.

Children are like books, we can write into them and read from

We did not inherit this country from our parents,
separate borrowed from our children.

If we want to attain true peace in the world,
we must begin with our children.


Let your children go,

if you do not want to lose it.


You can give your love to your children,
not however your thoughts. They have their own.


A child does not question the errors of the adults,
it endures it



Loves your children over their sake,

not because of their achievements


If you get a child  

the own heart is beating now on the outside of the own body.




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