I want to remember you

to open your heart again 

and that the miracle

that you have been waiting for so long

is yourself



I came to free you from slavery

that you created yourself

and prevent you

to be free



 It is more simply, all the things, about which I will tell,

to regard not as only correct ones or the absolutely wrong truth -
it is my aspect of the things,
my personal explanation,
my experience,
my way



Hello! My name is Andrea. It is unimportant where I come from and what school education I have, since all these things actually say nothing about me.

I was born on 07. 03. 1989 in a small town called "Horn" in Austria into a "perfect" square world.

Even as a small child I had the feeling that something was wrong and I always observed my environment very intensively and tried to find the so-called "error in the matrix", which proves to me that what we see and experience is only what was said to us and planted in our heads. Like all of us, I was born as a sensitive soul into a human body and my brain was crammed with unimportant information that limits me, like everyone else, to be strong and luminous and to remember again why we are here. I did not understand the signs, because walls were also built around my heart to protect me from what I saw and experienced. The earth never felt like my home and at the age of six it was the best thought for me to just fall asleep and never wake up again, although I had a normal and beautiful childhood up to this age. When I was 14 years old, I experienced the miracle I had been waiting for so long. After this moment I could suddenly recognize the light again and after that consciously perceive the signs. At the age of 15 I started writing poems and texts, 3 years later, my book. Only 10 years later I found the courage to bring it to the public, as it contains many very personal memories and was initially intended only for myself.
“Depressions" "Burn out", "mental Illness" . . are all just words to keep us from looking for the truth. We are not sick when we realize that something is wrong and when we feel, that there must be more than this..




I would like to move something
Movement in the hearts of humans
I would like to affect
Those, which forgot, how one feels
I would like to help
Those, and not assume they help to need the assistance
I would like to love
Those, which do not know, how much they earn it
I would like to laugh
Laugh with all those, which forgot it
I would like to release
All those, are imprisoned in their own bodies
I would like to bind
To limit chains without someone
I would like to divide
With all, which do not have anything and so much to give
I would like to forgive
Those, which do not know, what they do
I would like to live
Live in my truth and not in that, the other ones
I would like to see
See by my eyes and not by yours
I would like to feel
Feel like my heart with each individual impact say “YES”

And I want to feel safe in each regard without to doubt whether is this “YES” a “No”




I've learned to accept and love myself  as a human, as I am with all my strengths, I have learned that humans have no weaknesses, and all what he named "weakness" is simple that what makes him so special and unique.

I've learned that there are no mistakes in life - and that's all good, as it is. I've learned to trust and let go of all my fears, because I've learned that fears are only illusions. I've learned that what people call "errors" are experiences that will help us to grow. I've learned to be grateful for this experiences, I've learned to learn from them and grow with them.

I've learned not to hold on to anything. Letting go. Everything that arises in my way and preventing me to grow. I've learned that no one can "own" anything and that everything is free. Above all, the human. This way I learned to free myself from all shackles to solve

I've learned to love UNCONDITIONAL, me and everything else on this earth. I stopped  to put expectations on myself and my environment, because I've learned that everything takes time and we all are in a different stage of development, I have learned to love also the people who I can not understand, I have learned that unconditional love bring so much good in myself and my surroundings.

I've learned that there is no death, that what human call "death" is "life" . I've learned that we were never separated from the spiritual plane, and that when we "die", our real life begins.

I've learned that time is not important. that we have only this moment. I've learned to let the past being past and let the future being future. I've learned to live HERE and NOW and enjoy every moment of my life. I've learned that ALWAYS is just NOW, and that's all we have, every day, because it is everytime just now.

I've learned that all I need, I have in myself. That I had everything for what I was looking so long all the time already in myself. I've learned that the joy and happiness that I feel within me no other human can influenced by the outside world,  except of me. I've learned that my happiness depends on nobody except from myself
But ultimately, I learned that I already knew that everything all that time. That I have not learned it, but I've just remembered

What I like really love?

I love the woods and I love each and every one of its trees. I LOVE it to savor the incredible, amazing, intense scent deeply and I love the way how I feel with my whole body so much love and intimacy.

I LOVE it when the sun touches the horizon and it paints the sky in such an enchanting red that it looks like if thesky is burning  and I LOVE it how can this overwhelming beauty brings tears to eyes , and I LOVE the clouds as they take in such a burst of color and I LOVE it to ask myself how these colors probably arise.

I LOVE the rain and the noise when it drips onto the deserted street. I LOVE it there and watch it for hours and dreaming. I LOVE to dance with the children in the rain and to take the rain as a gift, and his scent deeply into me and I love to suck it, how it shapes my lips into a smile, because this feeling makes my heart jumping.

I love the animals and their incredible faith and their love for the people, even though man inflicts so much suffering to the animals.

I love the children as they laugh and play and not worry about life and how they look at me with her big eyes and that touch my heart so quickly.

I LOVE it to light a candle and watch the fire until it goes slowly and the smoke rises and I can see in him so much.

I LOVE the air after the rain, as she enchants all of my senses and triggers something in me that makes me just happy.

I love the winter, as he puts everything in ice and everything is so nice and white. It's like a magic that surrounds the earth and I love how quiet and peaceful it is on the streets.

I LOVE the fall and all his colorful trees, I love it to go in the forest and feel like the beauty of nature goes right through my body, and I LOVE the sound that occurs when I run through the many colorful deciduous.

I LOVE the spring, like everything in it revived again and the birds sing their first songs for us.

I love the summer, where I feel so light and can walk everywhere barefoot.

I LOVE it to put a seed in the ground and wait until it becomes a new life.

I LOVE the music as it can lift my mood and how it can speaks to me so deeply from the heart.


I LOVE  how I can sense the feelings of others as if it were my own.





I would like to bring peace 


I will bring love where one hates himself. 

I will bring reconciliation where one hurts himself. 

I will bring unity where discord is. 

I will bring to faith where doubt torments.

I will bring truth where mistake rules.

 I will bring hope where desperation threatens. 

I will bring joy where sadness is. 

 I will bring the light where darkness prevails. 

HEART, please help me that I do not ask for it: 


To be comforted, but to comfort. 

To be understood, but to understand.

To be loved, but to love. 



It does not interest me, with which you your living costs earnings.

I would like to know, according to which you cry internally and whether you dare to dream to meet the longing of your heart

It does not interest me, as old you are.
I want to know, whether you risk it, to look as a fool, over sake your love and your dreams and for the adventure of the alive unity.

It does not interest me, which are located to planets in the square to your moon.
I want to know whether you affected the deepest point of your own suffering, whether you were opened of all the betrayal, or whether you are locked from fear before further agony

I want to know, whether you can sit there with the pain - mine or yours -, to hide or reduce without trying, it or him eliminate.

I want to know whether you can be with the joy - mine or yours - there, whether you can dance with gameness and let you of the Ekstase fulfill, from the fingertips to the tips of the toe to consider without admonishing us to the caution, to the reason or the borders of the people unity.

It does not interest me whether the history, which you tell is true.
I want to know, whether you can disappoint someone, in order to be faithful you. Whether you can bear the reproach of the betrayal and your own soul do not betray.

I want to know whether you can be in a spirit of mutual confidence and of from there trustworthily.

I want to know whether you can see beauty, even if it is not beautiful each day and whether you live your life from love and see by this love the beautiful

I want to know whether you can living with the failure - mine and yours - and standing despite everything at the edge of the lake remain and to the silver of the moon call: “!”

It does not interest me to experience where you live and like much money you have.
I want to know, whether you can rise after one night of the mourning and the despair, exhausted and up to the bones smash, and do, what must be done for your children.

It does not interest me, who you are and came as you.
I want to know whether you will stand with me in the center of the fire and not back-frightened.

It does not interest me, where or which or with whom you learned.

I want to know, what holds you from the inside, if otherwise everything is omitted.
I want to know whether you can be alone and in the empty moments really gladly with you together are.



I want that you listen to me without judging about me,


I want that you say your mind without giving to me advice,


I want that you trust without expecting something,


I want that you help me without deciding for me


I want that you provide for me without owning me


I want that you see me without seeing yourself in me


I want that you embrace me without crushing me


I want that you fortify to me without pressing me,


I want, that you me hälst without holding on me,


I want that you protect me, sincerely


I want that you approach, however, not as an intruder

I want that you know all this what displeases you in me,

the fact that you accept it, it does not try to change



I thank all......


I thank all which have smiled at my dreams,


they have inspired my imagination.

I thank all which wanted to press me in her pattern,


they have taught me the value of the freedom.


I thank all which have lied to me,


they have shown me the strength of the truth

I thank all which have not believed in me


they have expected of me to move mountains

I thank all which have copied me,


they have woken up my courage

I thank all which have left me


they have given me space for new

I thank all which have betrayed me and have abused

they have made me watchfully

I thank all which have injured me

they have taught me to grow in pain

I thank all which have disturbed my peace

they have made me strong to enter for it

Above all, however, I thank all those,

me dear ones as well as me are

They give me strength to the life



I am free
I "have to do" nothing
I am bound to nothing
My only valid belong to my heart

I do not live for the future
because who knows that I am alive in future
I do not live to be happy sometime
I am living to be happy exactly NOW

I am the RICHEST person of the world
I have no palace
I have the whole HORIZON!

If you search me dearly, I can be found by you.

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