*Inner Peace - The Door into the great Light



*I called it "Lemuria" the golden land





Fire and Ice



2012 CHANGING; atlantis rise from the ocean


*A picture of hope


*peaceful landscape in springs


*The Place where the dreams grow





*worried young woman


*Blind eyes seeing so much








*The man who choose to smile

*Young man thinking about something



*me in October 1989


me, 3 years old

*me, 16 years old

*Baby eyes with pouring  love




*young man


*empathetic face of peace


*A mothers glimpse  to her child


*Eyes of truth


*Vincent Valentine

mysterious and unfathomable


 *beautiful, wise girl from Atlanits



* creativ experiment :)




burning heaven


*wolf spirit


*this are my first tries of portrais, age of 14



enormous poster I draw for my friends birthday


phantasie dreams


*beautiful loneliness


*shadow and light, two parts of one life


*quit place for relaxing


woman curves



Indian spirit


*this is how a dreamer look like


*Angel was waiting for something






*an innocent pleasure


Eyes have seen much trouble

*hurted angel


*delightful fairy

*Lucy from "Elfen Lied"


Gigant poster in life-size


*motivated to proceed to action


*this girl moved her hand and trie to help people out of the sadness but they don't see her



*lizzi and darcy from "pride and prejudice"


brown water



*enlightend angel pray for earth

*this is a light in de darkest night I saw in the disdance     


           *I imagine two souls who have found another again. The light came from the touch of their hands


*the wisdom of native americans


*Indian Spirit2


*this beauty spirit visited me on a summer day in the forest


*She regognised something..great


*this is the result of real imagination



my first acryl arts, I try to draw pictures from my favourite artist "Thomas Kinkade" :






This rose represents the heart of the earth



*a part of Atlantis


flower pray  for life


*face of a beautyful enlightened woman



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